Customer Case Study


Customer Overview

  • E-commerce Package
  • Additional information pages
  • 24 customized products
  • Custom page coding
  • Custom page coding
  • Integrated CC processing
  • contact form

Customer need: Launching into a new year with style. This establsihed designer and manufacturer of luxury dog beds need a fresh new e-commerce site for the renewal of her 10 year old company. The look had to be classic, stylish and reflect the quality of her products and be simple and easy to update on her own.

Solution: Initiate and configure our ecommerce platform, choosing one of the (12) different templates. Developed custom graphics and specialized coding, created (6) different product categories, and configured the initial (24) products to start with, Each product contains 1-2 pictures, pricing, product codes, and desciptions for each product. Future phases will include SEO for the specific products from within the e-commerce website and the set up and management of our social media management services.

Result: Our team went to work in establishing the e-commerce platform, redirecting domains and doing the initial set up and configuration. Taking the content provided by the client (product pictures, descriptions, shipping weights, etc..) we began developing the categories and actual products. Concurrently we need to create some customized graphics used in different sections of the site. After the core platform was completed, we set up and configured the payment processing to have all sales go directly to their bank account.

Now complete, we walked the client through the basic layout of the platform so that they could update products as necessary for any discontinued products or when they want to add a new product or product line. “A complete success, and the website looks fantastic” said Amanda. Now that her e-commerce website is up and running, she is now able to focus on marketing efforts to drive traffic and big sales for this new year!