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Customer Overview

  • Classic Website Package
  • informational website
  • custom images
  • embedded video
  • dynamic-responsive site
  • links to existing cocial media pages
  • donation integration with PayPal
  • logo design
  • contact form

Customer need: This new Non-Profit group, The Great Ape Institute for Awareness (G.A.I.A.) needed a place to call home for their future chimpannzee and ape sanctuary. The site need to be educational in sharing the plight of the tortured and abused apes and chimpanzees, layout their mission and values, and be functional to start receiving donations. The theme of LOVE THEM MORE needed to be throughout the website (a foundational theme for the group) yet be subtle enough to not take away from the websites goal.

Solution: Mapped out all of the needs and wants of the client to identify and a customized template to use for the framework of the website. Our team went to work in creating some dynamic full page sliders on the home page, a mission page that included the groups values, a dynamic education page that included an accordian style FAQs, images, and videos, a full About Us page that includes pictures and desciptions of the groups board members with their bios and a dynamic window with Image, and a basic contact page. The client gathered the licensed images they needed and made revisions to the content for some last minute updates. Once the main website was copleted, we assisted in setting up email accounts for each memebr and also helped in setting up the PayPal account to integrate the Donate button in the website so they could receive donations.

Result: With their new Home for their organization, the groups is focused on spreading the word via social media, friends, and family and directing them to the website for education, awarenesss, and the opportunity to receive donations. Everything is looking great! said Amanda, President of G.A.I.A and they were able to launch their new website at the start of the new year - and we will be here to support them as their organization grows.