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Customer Overview

  • Gold Package
  • informational website
  • custom slider
  • integrated to scheduling software
  • sign up form
  • embeded video

Customer need: This customer was starting her own skin care company and wanted a beautiful website that exuded a soft, warm, feminine feel. In addition to developing a list of facial treatments and spa treatment services, each of those services needed to link to and integrate with scheduling software. The client also wanted a way to capture website visitors and leverage a new logo toand other graphics.

Solution: Create an informational website with a list of services and integrate these products to the scheduling software.

Result: By developing a custom slider with graphics and quotes, Budget Web Pro delivered a website that achieved all of the client's requirements, and achieved the look and feel she wanted to achieve. The facial treatments were listed out on a sigle page with pricing and the spa services page was seperated with it's own pricing. Each of these pages had links for each individual service integrated to the scheduling software used for booking appointments...creating a seamless transition to booking clients visiting the website. The client was very pleased with the end result.